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16,000 new customers in the glass and glazing industry

The Insight Fenestration database is the largest and most accurate database of contacts in the UK glass and glazing industry, containing detailed information on window, door and conservatory fabricators and installers, sealed unit manufacturers, and roofline installers.

Target over 16,000 companies and filter your search by sector, whether the company fabricates / buys in / installs, location, materials and systems used, and product type and volume. By narrowing down your search you can build highly targeted prospect lists guaranteed to improve your sales and marketing results.

The Fenestration database is accessed through online sales and marketing software Salestracker which can be used anytime, from any internet enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – perfect for field sales people.

The data within Salestracker is constantly refreshed live in real time by Insight’s research team. This means any updates we make can be instantly be seen on the system, so if we add a new company at 9:05am you could be targeting them at 9:10am.

Once you build and save a list within Salestracker this is automatically updated and ready to use for future sales and marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with over 16,000 potential customers today.

House Builders

Get involved in the growing house building market

Promote your products and services to thousands of housebuilders across the UK with the House Builders database including private, social and commercial housing sectors.

The housing market is picking up but with thousands of changes occurring in the industry every month it can be a challenge to target the key people within a company. Companies going bust, mergers, and contacts leaving or retiring make it hard to effectively promote your company and products / services.

House Builders is part of the Construction File database, containing over 3,000 contacts and over 3,000 emails. Access it through Salestracker, the sales and marketing platform with live data updated in real time. Business details and key contact info is the most accurate and freshest every time you log in.

Information is updated live in real-time so all business details and key contact info is the most accurate and freshest to you every time you login. You can instantly see if key people have moved within a company, changes of contact details, and even mergers and new start-ups, so you can be confident you’re engaging with exactly the right people.

Main Contractors

Unlock new routes to market in the commercial sector

Get ahead in the commercial market by going direct to the decision makers. Main Contractors database puts you in touch with main / general contractors specifying products for thousands of projects including new-builds, restoration / refurbishments, and public developments.

Tendering for projects is highly competitive. Main contractors specify on a range of factors including best materials, price and energy efficiency. If you’re a supplier of home improvement and building products such as windows and doors, roofing, bricks, security systems etc. use the Main Contractors database to go straight to the key decision makers who are specifying your products every day.

This database is also ideal if you offer building services such as equipment, transport, surveying, recycling.

Main Contractors is part of the Construction File database which contains over 3,000 contacts with over 3,000 emails. Find it within Salestracker, the online prospecting and CRM system which uses live data to ensure you’re always getting your message in front of the people who count.

Local Builders

Don’t miss out on 23,000 opportunities for new business

There are hundreds of small builders currently installing home improvement products in your area. Some of these are fitting more products than window installers, presenting a lucrative market for suppliers.

Target over 23,000 builders across the UK or within your region with the General Builders database, containing up to the minute information on small builders with less than £5m turnover. The Builders database can be filtered by project type such as extensions, roofing, driveways, renovations or new build and is useful for window, door and conservatory roof suppliers as well as building materials suppliers, for example bricks or cement.

All this information can be found within our sales and marketing software, Salestracker. Traditionally builders are difficult to target as most don’t advertise themselves or their contact information, preferring to operate on referrals from previous customers. Using Salestracker you can pinpoint builders local to your area and even search for builders via specific products installed and materials.

Quickly and easily find builders installing your products in your area with the General Builders database and Salestracker.

Architects and Specifiers

Be the first to target key decision makers specifying your products

The Architects database lets you target over 14,000 key decision makers in small to medium architectural practises across the UK, including information on sectors they specialise in such as public, commercial, leisure, health, education, housing, retail.

Engaging with architects early in the specification process helps build relationships, increasing the chances of your products or services being recommended for specification. It also keeps your company in mind for future projects.

The database is accessed through prospect database and CRM system Salestracker. The data within is continuously updated so you’ll always be accessing the most relevant information. Business changes such as contact details and key people are made live in real time by our research team so you can see them as they happen, giving you an edge over the competition.

Ensure you, and not your competitors, are at the forefront of the architects mind when it comes to their next project.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy database contains information on over 4,000 companies installing solar PV and thermal and other renewable energy products such as wind turbines, ground and air heat pumps, biomass, and combined heat and power.

This database is ideal for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of renewable energy products, electronic control equipment, plumbing/builders merchants, health & safety consultants, access equipment suppliers and training/ accreditation bodies.

Those operating in both domestic and commercial sectors are identified, making it easy to segment and target installers precisely, and producing better results from your sales and marketing.

The Renewable Energy database is constantly refreshed to give you the most up-to-date information available, helping your campaigns go further and improving results. Find renewable energy installers with Salestracker, the sales and marketing software, and keep track of your leads and campaigns, and manage your customers all from one easy to use system.

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